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Stevie J & Faith Married?? But Doesn’t He Have A Baby OTW with Misha Perry

Usually when you hear about people getting married, you are happy for them and it is a joyous occasion… right?!  Well not in this case.  Your girl Faith Evans (Biggie Smalls Ex-Wife) and Stevie J just recently filed for a marriage license and reports are stating that they got married. 

Now I honestly can’t keep up with Ms. Faith because last month there were just reports of her dating and attending a movie premier with Jadakiss and now she’s married to Stevie??  And please let’s not forget about Stevie and Ms. Joseline Hernandez faking a whole marriage!  Who’s to say this isn’t just another publicity stunt??

And on top of all the drama that already comes with Stevie J (just ask his baby momma Mimi, I know everybody remembers all the pain and drama he put her through)…  Reportedly Misha Perry (@thebossputa_) is pregnant with his child (a little girl) and she is due in October.  Go to Instagram and search for the # Hashtag #HarmonyJordan …  Looks like that is what she will be naming the baby.  If this is in fact true, why would Faith want to even put herself directly in the middle of some bullshit?  Oh, and she also claims that Stevie J likes to get his booty played with.

Then to make it even more skeptical, this video is released on social media as soon as they get married.

SO…  I am not sure, what this couple honestly has going on.  Especially with there being so many lies and secrets in both of their pasts.  All I know is that we are here for it!  We will continue to keep you guys updated as this story/relationship/marriage develops.  

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