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Stevie J Gets Full Custody & Child Support Is Dropped For Bonnie Bella

We all know Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip Hop (Atlanta), and all their crazy relationship drama. Although we haven’t heard too much from them lately, they are currently in the headlines about a custody dispute.

According to court documents, a judge awarded temporary custody to Stevie J as the primary custodial parent of two-year old Bonnie Bella, with Joseline being able to visit their daughter. The judge also ordered for the child support order of $1,000/month to be dropped as well on Stevie J’s behalf. Both Stevie J and Joseline will be responsible for the financial support of Bonnie Bella while she is in their care and both parents were also ordered to take parenting classes before they are due back in court.

Stevie J initially accused Joseline of keeping Bonnie Bella from him while she was shacked up in Miami with another man. Of course Joseline denied all the allegations… But recently Stevie J posted on social media to tell their fans he & Joseline are “happily co-parenting.”

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