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Str8 Like That 3-2-18

“Str8 Like That” is a show about realness and substance with purpose driven shows.

Topics that discuss issues which effect all communities, races, & people.. like domestic violence to those that cover love and relationships, laughter & comedy… This show is raw and will tug on your heart strings as well as make you laugh.. The host “Envy”was Born in Akron, Ohio but Raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. She has been seen in films and is no stranger to radio. With her direct but compassionate approach,she will appeal to audiences world wide… She is a raw talent and is best known for being a strait shooter when it comes to her views on topics that matter and topics she can relate to… From foster care to the pulpit she has gone through a variety of challenges in her life that made her the woman she is today… Her goal is to add substance to talk radio and to be relate-able to the men and women who tune into her shows. Envy also has three awesome co-hosts “T – Slayzz”, “Willie O” and Big Mike who will be sure to keep you laughing and on your toes.

Str8 Like That airs every Friday from 8:00 – 10:00 PM on Ear Kandy Radio. To tune in

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