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Str8 Like That 7-22-18

Tonight on Str8 Like That (The Couples Lounge) we will be talking about relationships & if they can survive if the people involved are unevenly yoked?

“Str8 Like That”  …  The Couples Lounge 

This is a show about love, relationships and life…  The raw and uncut version from different perspectives!

Talking about life from a pair with a totally different point of view, meanwhile… agreeing to disagree.

This show will be a meeting of the minds.  Envy & Spliff are two of the realest and they both have strong minds and strong opinions.

Str8 Like That … The Couple’s Lounge airs every Sunday from 8:30 – 10:30 PM on Ear Kandy Radio.  To tune in

  • Log on to earkandyradio.com/live-radio
  • Call in to listen or comment 657-383-1712

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