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Strong enemies: The untold story of Dr. Sebi Presented by Nick Cannon

Strong Enemies: The untold of Dr. Sebi trailer was released yesterday! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the documentary on Dr. Sebi. Before Nipsey Hissle passed away he start doing a documentary on Dr. Sebi. The untold stories of how he cured multiple people of “ incurable” diseases.

Nispey started the journey by Talking to Dr. Sebi and learning his teaching before he unfortunately passed away by the hands of the government. After both deaths of Nipsey & Dr. Sebi Nick feared for his life. Trying to decide if he would continue to tell The untold story.

Anyone who try’s to teach Dr. Sebi’s teaching mysteriously end up dead. But with the one year death anniversary of Nipsey the trailer was released. Check out the full trailer below and Rest In Peace to the legendary Dr. Sabi and Nipsey! The Marathon will continue.

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