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Student Dismissed From Gerber’s Akron Beauty School in Pandemic With “No Recourse”

Akron, OH – Nikita Taylor has been expelled from Gerber’s Akron Beauty School by the Director, Rita Mako, with “no recourse.”

Nikita has been attending the school for over a year, and Saturday she was involved in a verbal disagreement with one of the “longest teachers” employed at Gerber’s, Ms. Kelly. The dispute started because Nikita was performing a service on a client who came into the hair school to get her hair done. The client brought in an apple cider vinegar treatment, and Nikita was apparently taking too long to apply it because she had been at the wash bowl for over 45 minutes.

Ms. Kelly asked Nikita “what she was doing” three times, and her client began to feel uncomfortable. Ms. Kelly said the students are not allowed to use any other products except products provided by the school unless the client signs a waiver, but Nikita was unaware of this policy. Nikita also stated other students bring their own products in the school and use them all the time and it’s never a problem for anybody else.

Ms. Kelly never asked if a waiver was signed, and she started to be rude towards not only Nikita, but her client as well. Nikita was not sure if she was acting in that manner because the school closed early on Saturday and she was ready to leave (although the client arrived at 1:15 and she was scheduled for a two hour service) or what. Take a look at the video link below to see exactly what transpired.

>>> Click link for video https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLrnZaLn3We/?igshid=kb4vomgbpxcs

On Sunday, the day after the incident, Nikita was emailed an immediate and permanent dismissal from the Director of the school, Mrs. Mako (although Nikita did not become aware of the situation until Monday). In the email, Mrs. Mako said her…


When Ms. Kelly called us yesterday, and told us what she had been through all day with you, that was my last straw.

When one of my longest teachers says she is quitting because of you, and the rest of the staff have complained constantly, then I have no recourse.

I can take your disrespect towards me, but, your disrespect to the rest of the staff and patrons has to be my concern.

We also have to look at the fact that you are below Satisfactory Progress.

  • As of February 1, your possible hours were 1557.75
  • Your actual hours were 824.  This is 52.6%  Naccas as well as the Federal Government says it has to be a minimum of 67%
  • Last year’s quiz average was 30.9%
  • This year’s average is 2.57%
  • Minimum is 75% for passing 

According to:

  • School Rules & Regulations
  • NACCAS regulations
  • Your Enrollment Agreement

You have broken enough policy points for the school to dismiss you immediately.  There will be no discussion. 

Joseph Mako        Rita Mako

President            Vice-President/DirectorNow

Nikita has a lot of issues with this email.

  • She was not questioned or even allowed to explain her side of the story.
  • She only had one other issue with another student in 2019.
  • She never received any notifications of getting less than 75% on any tests taken last year, and she has not taken any tests so far in 2021.
  • Nikita was on medical leave, had an episode of covid and the school was also shut down for a period of time due to the pandemic, but Mrs. Mako is not taking any of this time into consideration when mentioning actual hours completed.
  • Nikita’s max date to complete her hours is May 5, 2021.

Some of the key points Nikita would like to highlight are…

  1. My client arrived at 1:15pm
  2. The video was recorded at 2:09pm after her shampoo was complete and blow drying had begun
  3. My client has 22” of natural hair with a scalp condition (seborrheic dermatitis) causing lots of build up on the scalp
  4. The appointment had a two hour time allotment, the client had not been in the school for an entire hour before the harassment started.
  5. The school closes at 3:30pm on Saturday but students began being dismissed prior to me finishing the shampoo service.
  6. Other clients bring in their own products and students are only asked to get a release form when a chemical service is being performed such as a relaxer or color service. While the rule maybe valid it has not been enforced.
  7. The standards mentioned in the email were not met as of 02/01 which if in fact the standards not being met was a deciding factor the student should have been dismissed as of 02/02/21.

Nikita is appalled by everything that transpired with the school. Not only is she embarrassed, but she is also out of $10,000 of financial aid money, and the school has no intentions of issuing her a refund.

Nikita would like for the school to be investigated because she claims there are countless racially motivated issues happening at the school with the owner Mrs. Mako. She talks to the black students in a disrespectful tone. She says the black students are always the ones having issues with their financial aid money and issues with the teachers. The school even received some covid funds, and tried to put attendance stipulations on the money for the black students.

Nikita also claims the school is not following proper covid protocols. She said the one of the owners do not wear masks, and they also encourage the students to not let their peers/ other students or clients know if they were exposed to covid so they do not have to quarantine for a full 14 days.

Nikita is requesting to be refunded and for the expulsion to be removed from her record. If any attorneys would like to reach out to Nikita to help get this situation handled, >>> message her.

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