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Stuntman Stevie J ties the knot with R&B diva Faith Evans…

So for those of you who were unaware last week Stevie J of Love and Hip Hop ATL  and Faith Evans R&B diva got married… Yes I said married! Late Tuesday night arought 10:30pm the couples had a very small and intimate ceremony in their hotel room in the infamous Trump hotel international in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ceremony didn’t feature any of either of their (collectively) 10 children, or either of their parents which are still alive by the way nope none of that! Not even a fancy dress or a tuxedo just Stevie Faith and a few friends.

While the absence of their children, and the quickeness in which it happened (marriage license application was put in at 6pm they got married at 10:30pm) to me screams publicity stunt!

But it gets worst… or better Lol! Not only did they get married after both being publicly linked with other people less than 2 weeks ago, but they also did a song and a music video for it 4 days after they said their I do’s!?! Yup a video lol in which the two are very explicitly candid with each other in what looks like their marital bed, I mean Mona Scott Young couldn’t have done a more calculated job!

And speaking of Mona the mastermind and  creator of the L&HH dynasty, we’ll she wasn’t as happy as you would imagine to hear about one of her ATL show stars went off and got married (for real this time) to a superstar in her own right and didn’t have the cameras rolling for every rating snatching moment. And her like many of the couples friends and family were not only shocked and amazing but also very upset that they weren’t apart of or even told abt the intentions.

You would think that is where we end with this shocking story line… but wait there’s more it hasn’t even been a week and Stevie is already allegedly cheating… smh I guess even with Faith you still can’t teach a old dog new tricks! ??‍♀️

I still wish them all the best and will keep y’all posted as the story continues to unfold!

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