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Sukihana Has Her Bills Paid Up For The Next Year After Head Performance

Rapper and Love & Hip Hop Miami cast member, Sukihana, is trending on social media after allowing her Onlyfans to have full access to her giving her baby’s father a very messy blowjob.

Sukihana and her baby dad leaked the tape themselves, and apparently it paid off, as she says she now has her bills paid up for the entire year. She told her fans how she was proud of her video, her Onlyfans page blew up and she also received thousands of dollars.

The leaked video was shocking and disturbingly graphic to say the least. Sukihana gave a really messy performance (*wink wink), choking herself and trying to swallow his manhood, and she eventually vomited on him. Not just regular vomit… it looked like she just got done eating a full course meal.

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The vomit didn’t stop her. She wiped her face and finished the job. Take a look below at the video by clicking the link… but I must warn you, VERY GRAPHIC! Fellas… how do you feel about her head performance?

>>> Sukihana gives vomitty head<<<

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