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Sukihana Releases Her New Video “Everywhere” *Watch Full Video*

Rapper Sukihana has been trending on social media for the past few days. There has been a lot of talk about this new super s*xy video and it just dropped yesterday. The video is called “EVERYWHERE” and it is one of the most raunchy videos I have ever watched.

The video is filled with half naked women dancing, twerking and even licking on each other. The could honestly be considered p*rnography. I’ll tell you what… WAP and ever TIP DRILL don’t have anything on this video.

Initially, the most explicit clips were only shown on her Onlyfans, but somebody uploaded it to Twitter and now everybody is in an uproar about it. Click on the link below to view the FULL VIDEO. What are your thoughts?

Click this link to see the full video… **Viewer discretion is advised**


Let’s talk about it. What do you think about the video? It’s a really graphic to me, and the lyrics are questionable… but I want to hear from you guys. & let’s not forget about her giving her man oral on camera & throwing up in the act. Comment below.

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