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Summer Walker….Over it! Says this is her last album!

Summer Walker is over the fame! Everything that glitters isn’t gold! Summer took to Instagram to express how she’s over the celebrity lifestyle. ( post below)

Summer Waler message

After seeing what she has to say i understand her! If you keep up with her you know she’s open about who she is and having to adjust to the lifestyle. I wonder if this is the last album will get from her! Is she going back to being the “regular person” she was before?

It’s interesting that someone will open up and express to the public that the lifestyle of the rich and famous is NOT what it seems to be. Always having to look a certain way, dress, talk and act a certain way at all times. Strangers criticizing your life from a clip, Video or article. We see it all the time when celebrities get Fed up and clap back at fans!

I’m happy she opened up about the reality of being famous. Like she said people are out of tune with ones self, trying to create an image that make not even be the real you! To please people who don’t give a fuck about you. Mentally I pray she’s okay and can complete her tour. Shit I want her to continue making music as well! But mental health is important and if you’re not right mentally an simple tasks can become difficult.

Pic summer posted with the caption above

Check out Summer Walkers new album Over It! Out on all platforms and keep her in our prayers. We all want more music from her and hopefully things change for the better. As always I’ll keep you updated and tune in Every Tuesday at 8Pm est for the DeAnna Kay Show… love y’all

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