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Superbowl 2021, Brady or Mahomes

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Are you ready for some football? Who is the favorite? Who will win? Will youth or experience prevail? Which team are you cheering for? See what the quarterbacks are saying below.

Super Bowl 55 will be played on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP revealed that not only is he now comfortable reading a defense, but that he’s at a “way different level” than he was last year. 

“I think every single year that you’re in the NFLyou learn more and more,” Mahomes said Monday, via PFT. “You get different looks, especially with our offense, we get a lot of crazy looks and crazy blitzes and stuff like that. You have to learn how to adjust and learn how to go out there and make successful plays. This year, I felt super comfortable recognizing defenses, recognizing blitzes, recognizing coverages and being able to get us into the right play and get a successful play going and a completion. It’s definitely something that I’ll continue to grow and continue to learn, but I feel like I’m at a way different level than I even was last year.”

If you’re an NFL defensive coordinator, that might be the scariest thing you could possibly hear Mahomes say. The man threw for 50 touchdowns and won the NFL MVP in 2018 and he had no idea what he was doing when it came to reading a defense. 

Mahomes then led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win in 2019 and he did that even though he didn’t understand what he was doing — as far as reading a defense goes — until about halfway through the year. 

If you’re wondering why Mahomes struggled to read defenses early in his career,  it’s because he hasn’t been a quarterback for very long, which is something he explained during a March 2020 appearance on HBO’s “The Shop.” 

“I started playing quarterback junior year of high school, until now, which is like six years,” Mahomes said. “I was playing safety and a little bit of quarterback. I didn’t understand how to read defenses until halfway through last year. I understood coverages but how to be able to pick up little tendencies defenses do, stuff that [Tom] Brady and them have done, they know it, and they just do it. I was just playing.”

For the Buccaneers, this definitely isn’t good news. Mahomes threw for 462 yards against them in Week 12 and since then, he’s only gotten better at reading defenses, which means we might see another gigantic game from the 25-year-old in Super Bowl LV. 

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Brady is having a dream season at 43 and already has plans on coming back next year, the final season of his contract with Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers quarterback arguably had one of the greatest seasons of his Hall of Fame career at 43 — he threw the second most TDs of his career — and believes 2020 was just the beginning. 

“As long as I’m playing, I want to improve and get better. I feel like next year is going to be a lot better than this year,” Brady said on a Zoom call Wednesday. “I feel like I’ll be in a much better place mentally. I’m going to train a lot better this year, physically, next year I’ll be in a better place. As soon as this game ends we’re on to next season.

The start to Brady’s season had its distractions, as Brady’s parents both battled COVID-19. Tom Brady Sr. was hospitalized from the virus, and even called it a matter of “life or death,” which certainly affected his son in the first two games of the year (Brady threw three touchdowns and three interceptions). This is on top of an offseason affected by COVID-19 with no minicamp, a limited training camp, and no preseason games. 

Brady finished second in the NFL in completions (401), tied for second in passing touchdowns (40), and third in passing yards (4,633). He led the Buccaneers to the franchise’s second Super Bowl appearance and became the fifth quarterback to win three road playoff games en route to the Super Bowl. 

Next season may be even better from Brady with a full offseason of training and minicamp. The NFL may have to get used to seeing Brady a few more years at the highest level. 

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