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Suspected Fentanyl Exposure in Ohio Prison Sends 20+ People To Hospital

If you ever talk to somebody who has gone to prison, I’m sure they will tell you that in prison, you can pretty much get anything there you can get on the streets as long as you have some money and/or the right connections.  Drugs are definitely no exception & is probably one of the most sought after commodities in prisons.

That was the obvious case yesterday 8-29-18, in Chillicothe, OH at the Ross Correctional Institution, located about 45 miles south of Columbus, OH.  More than 20 people were sent to the hospital as a suspected result of a fentanyl exposure around 9:00 am.  Only one of the people was an inmate and the rest were staff members.  

Several doses of Narcan (treats narcotic overdoses in an emergency situation) we administered to all the people affected but there were no reported deaths.  The chief clinical officer at the hospital could not confirm how many doses were given because he said sometimes you need to use multiple doses to treat one person, but they had 600 doses available.  Narcan was pretty much the main way the patients were treated.

Fentanyl is actually about 50 to 100 times STRONGER than morphine.  When prescribed by a physician, fentanyl is often administered via injection, transdermal patch, or in lozenges.  People have been overdosing on fentanyl because it has being substituted as heroin in a powder form.  It is so strong so people are people are taking doses that are way too high.  


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