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Swae Lee Is Designing Men’s Heels: “I’m Not Scared to Be Different”

In a recent interview with XXL magazine Swae Lee says he’s in the process of making a “mans heel” line. Swae Lee has always been different with his style and now has the chance to show case it.

According to Xxl magazine “Swae Lee is looking to expand his brand with gender-neutral fashion designs and heeled boots in a new collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti.”

What do you guys think? I know there’s been rumors that the industry is trying to feminize men, with them wearing dresses, man handbags that are very similar to a woman’s hand bags. Many male artists have been spotted wearing nail polish. Now a “mans heel”.

Most young kids look up to artists in the industry and mimic their style. Would you guys feel comfortable buying your son heels? Is the industry have a Secret agenda to turn men into homosexuals. Causing a decrease in heterosexual relationships…as a result decrease in Africa ( black & brown) Americans. Leaving out woman unprotected and in the arms of men outside our race. In hopes to reduce African American families….


check out the full interview by clicking the link


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