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SWAT Called On Peaceful Protesters In Akron, OH At Summit County Jail – #JusticeForJaylandWalker

Akron, OH – The city of Akron is outraged after an unarmed black man, Jayland Walker, was murdered last week by eight Akron Police Officers on June 27th. Over 90 bullets were fired at Jayland, hitting him more than 60x all over his body.

There have been peaceful protests happening all over the city, and on Sunday night, about 50 protesters were arrested while protesting in downtown Akron, in front of the police station on High Street, due to the protests getting a little too “rowdy.”

According to multiple social media posts, the people arrested were charged with first degree misdemeanors, not permitted to call their loved ones and Summit County Jail was also not accepting calls regarding the people arrested.

Following the arrests, the mayor issued a 9:00PM curfew for downtown Akron (9:00p – 6:00a).

Due to the 4th of July “holiday,” the arrested protesters were finally able to start getting released yesterday, but the police were taking them to different secret locations to set them free. One of the protesters followed the police as they were setting one of the attested protesters free and discovered they were being released at a Sheetz gas station. (Other reported drop-off locations were St. V and Stonehenge bowling alley).

Thankfully, one of the protesters, Arielle Faith, went live on her Facebook page while the PEACEFUL protest was taking place and caught the SWAT team getting in formation, with over 13 cars answering to the call.

>>>Click this link to see the full live video.

It’s like these police officers are allowed to do whatever they want and get away with it. They will punish you (even kill you) for breaking the law, but they have such an issue holding up our part of the US constitution… freedom of speech & the right to protest. Protesting at the Summit County Jail was perfectly legal and within the right of the protesters (as the jail is not located in the downtown radius outlined in the Mayors issued curfew), but they just make up and enforce laws as they go.

Earkandyradio will continue to keep you up to date on the latest news and what’s happening in Akron, OH and this city will continue to demand justice for Jayland Walker!!!

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