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Synthetic Weed Laced With Rat Poison – Two Dead & More Hospitalized

As hard as it may be to believe, people are still smoking that “fake weed”… you know the synthetic spice some of the head shops sell?  Even though it has no real marijuana in it, people smoke it because it gives them the feeling of being high off weed, but it can also cause uncontrollable bleeding from users’ eyes, nose, gums and urine.

Looks like earlier today in Chicago, Illinois, the FEDS indicted three convenience store clerks on drug charges.  They claim the men were selling the synthetic drugs laced with rat poison.  Fouad Masoud, 48, and Jad Allah, 44 both from southwest suburban Justice and Adil Khan Mohammed, 44 of Chicago. The trio worked at King Mini Mart in the 1300 block of S. Kedzie where U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents say they made undercover buys of the synthetic cannabinoids known as “K2.”  Investigators said the men sold 50 to 60 packages of the drugs per day from the Lawndale convenience store. One of those arrested, Masoud, had $280,000 in his possession according to federal agents. All three are in the MCC-Chicago awaiting court hearings.

“The synthetic cannabinoids were packaged in sealed containers and labeled with such names as ‘Matrix,’ ‘Blue Giant,’ and ‘Crazy Monkey’,” federal agents said. “Preliminary testing of some of the cannabinoids purchased by the undercover officer revealed a detectable amount of brodifacoum, a toxic substance frequently used in rat poison.”  Illinois public health officials have tallied 56 hospitalizations across the state from serious health problems associated with the drug use. Two people have died from ingesting the drugs.


People please be mindful of the people you “do drugs” with!  No matter if it is smoking a cigarette, some weed, drinking alcohol… or even harder street drugs.  I can honestly remember one time my cousin and his friends came over my house and left a marijuana blunt (so I thought) in my ashtray.  I found it later that night and thought I came up in the game…  OH NO!!!  It was some of that “K2/Spice” (not supposed to be used for human consumption).  I was higher than I had ever been in my life before.  I got an excruciating headache and the room was spinning like a thousand miles a minute.  Long story short, that stuff ain’t right at all!

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