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T.I. Accompanies His Daughter To The Gynecologist Every Year

Rapper, entertainer, businessman, activist… and most importantly, father T.I. has just revealed that he goes to the gynecologist with his daughter, Deyjah Harris, every year to make sure she is still a virgin!

T.I. was recently on the podcast “Ladies Like Us” and he admitted to helping personally, to make sure his daughter has been keeping her goodies to herself. When they asked him if he has had the “sex-talk” with his daughter, here was his response.

“Not only have we had the conversation, we have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen. Yes I go with her. I go with her. This one time after her 16th birthday celebration, I put a sticky note on the door ‘Gyno tomorrow 9:30.'”

He talked about the conversations he has with the doctors (because as you know, doctors aren’t really supposed to share that information with anybody unless they have the patient’s consent). The doctors often tell him how sex isn’t the only way the hymen can be broken… it can also happen from playing sports, riding bikes or even inserting a tampon. T.I. insists that his daughter isn’t doing none of that, so give him the results!

I love how involved T.I. is in his children’s lives… but do you guys think this is a bit too much?? Deyjah is now 18 years old, so how long will he continue to do this? People have been going crazy on social media saying he is too controlling or he is invading her privacy, but how much privacy is enough privacy? Do you think T.I. has gone overboard?? Comment below.

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