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T.I. & Floyd Mayweather get into a fight

So…  The “King of the south” and the undefeated champ got into a fight at Fat Burger in Las Vegas!!!!

It is being reported that the fight all started over Tiny. Floyd and Tiny were out together…  We are not sure what happened between Tiny and Floyd but it pissed T.I. off and caused him to hit Floyd first. Chairs were thrown and it then police were called.  Check out the video below….  & Let’s blog about it.

Reports have been made about T.I. and his new girlfriend.  If he did indeed move on…  why is he mad about Tiny being anywhere with anybody?!?!?  A typical man…  when he gets a dose of his own medicine he can’t seem to swallow it!  Here is a picture of T.I.’s girlfriend (Jasmin)….  Allegedly, T.I. met her when she did Tiny’s hair once for promoting “The Family Hustle”.  So, sad…  you can’t trust these woman (THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL)!!!!!

ti new girlfriend

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