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T.I. New Diss Track To Floyd Mayweather

Shots have been officially fired at Mayweather from our boy T.I. & you know Ear Kandy Radio is riding with him on this one! People like Floyd Mayweather, who continue to support a company who has been blatantly racist towards a group of people who looks just like him, are really not speaking or doing anything for the people or the culture!

Having a lot of money is all fine and dandy… but what are you doing Floyd Mayweather for YOUR PEOPLE??? Constantly bragging about how much money you have, but you refuse to your people, or even stand up for something that was wrong against YOUR PEOPLE!!! I can’t lie… after I saw Mayweather dogging out his own father on national TV, I lost the little respect I did have for him.

But back to this T.I. diss track, it’s called “Fuck Nigga” and I’m feeling this song! Damn it must suck to be a fuck nigga huh?!? But yes, please check it out, and let me know how you guys weigh in on the whole Mayweather still supporting Gucci?

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