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T.I. Seeks Legal Action After Donald Trump Uses His Song In Campaign Ad

Rapper T.I. has been in the news a lot lately. He has been using his platform to stand up for the injustices happening against black people, with the killing of George Floyd being the most recent. T.I. is standing with an organization who is calling for a #BlackOutDay2020 on July 7th, asking for ALL people of color (and anyone who stands with people of color) to not buy anything at all that day.

>>> Click Here for more information on #BlackOutDay2020

Most recently, T.I. and his team are looking to seek legal action against Donald Trump after he used his song “Whatever You Like” in a campaign smear against Joe Biden. Donald Trump used the beat, but changed the words of the song (and added a video).

“I don’t want Joe Biden, Need Joe Biden. Long as you got me, you don’t need Joe Biden.”

T.I. did not give consent to Donald Trump or anybody in his team to use his music for his campaign purposes. He also does not want anybody to think he is endorsing Donald Trump in any shape, form or fashion. Take a look at the video below… looks like Donald Trump is getting desperate for the black vote.

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