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T.I. Took The Stand 5 Years Ago… Does This Make Him A Snitch?????

ti takes the stand     ti stakes the stand

Okay, I know this happened over 5 years ago… but a lot of people don’t know that T.I. took the stand back in 2008.  When T.I. caught that gun charge (after he was already on felony probation) he only got a year in prison.  People were saying that was because “he had $$$” but if anybody knows anything about the FEDS, they do not care about money!  John Gotti had doe cheese & it couldn’t stop him from getting life in prison.

So I ask you guys to watch these 2 short videos and blog with me (you must copy and paste the link in your browser… Youtube has disabled the embed code)???   Do you think this is snitching or was he just fulfilling his duties as a citizen receiving a subpeona???  Comment below……

http://youtu.be/yFQCmL4nTNw  (video 1)

http://youtu.be/WJBZXpylyUg   (video 2)

Comment below… what do you guys think???

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