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T. Vickz & Mrs. Dean Visit Master P’s Calabasas Mansion To Discuss New Hit Single “Same Chick”

Top Akron rappers and power couple, T. Vickz and Mrs. Dean have been hitting the ground running, promoting for their new hit single, “Same Chick.”

The couple recently visited Master P’s Calabasas mansion in California to discuss their song (Same Chick) and your boy Master P loves it! You may have seen footage of them all sitting in his office, playing the song as Master P is jamming to it.

The song brags on how the couple has been together (with the same chick/ with the same n^gga) for twelve years and they are still happy, still in love and still hustling together and making it happen.

“Same Chick” is now becoming viral and trending on World Star, with well over two million hits, and is reaching “No Limits” on other social media platforms as well as radio.

Master P has certified the song as a hit and has talked about big plans for the Akron power couple and their business ventures (including their Trillionair clothing line), so be sure to stay tuned. Ear Kandy Radio will keep you guys in the loop.

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