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Taemon Blair Found Lynched But Death Ruled Suicide!

Taemon Blair, a 21 year old black young man from Charlotte, NC was found hung to death inside of the trailer of his 18 wheeler, while working on the road & preparing for the arrival of his child in Fort Wayne, IN.

The incident happened on 3-15-19, but seems to only be mentioned on social media… Yup, you guessed it, no news coverage! He was lynched, but the officials have ruled his death as a suicide.

Taemon was a great kid, graduated from West Charlotte High School with straight A’s and he was also an excellent father and provider. Suspected, there were signs of a struggle.

I will keep you guys updated on this story as it develops, but I am so sick and tired of this happening to our black men!

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10 thoughts on “Taemon Blair Found Lynched But Death Ruled Suicide!

  1. There are only two sorts of people, good and bad. Any one who identifies as a racist is bad. It is not just violence it is insensitivity. Racist remarks from whoever should always be challenged. Racism, chauvenism and sexism are evil and breed violence.

    1. I’m praying for the family. You know that It’s likely that the folk who have humor might just be participants of such a crime, cold hearted hateful people. Only Murderers or demonic spirits have no feeling, or could make fun of such an ordeal.God sees and hears all.

  2. Eddie Blake you are a disgrace. Especially the black ones? What the fuck does that even mean? This is a complete injustice cause if it wasn’t why hasn’t the news reported it? Oh that’s right cause our WHITE news anchors and producers are great at helping our “fine” law enforcement with their cover ups. Give me a motherfucking break and open your eyes, instead of being a government fed puppet.

  3. Fuck all of you racist bitchest come to D.C. with that bullshit and you bitches will be very so sorry I promise you them fuckers killed him but we will be ready for the next mf that try us all my fellow black drivers be prepared fuck the B’s rather get caught with then without

  4. So he was found inside his 18 wheeler yet he was lynched? And the coroners office declared it a suicide and no obvious evidence of foul play. Y’all need to wake the fuck up. People hang themselves all the time. Black white brown red yellow green they all kill themselves. Suicide is real. Lynching is too but with everything that’s been going on a black kid hangs himself and y’all quick to say he was lynched. Stop looking for excuses to fuck everything up and accept the facts.

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