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Tamar Braxton Is On Loni Love’s Ass For “Having Her Name In Her Mouth” AGAIN

We all love singer and reality star, Tamar Braxton! Well her and Loni Love (co-host of The Real) are still going at it over Loni allegedly having a HUGE part in Tamar getting publicly fired from the show.

Loni has always denied claims of her being one of the reasons Tamar was fired, she always tried to blame it on Tamar’s husband Vince.

Well Tamar is speaking out today honey… and this tea is piping hot!

Cookie Hull (Loni Love’s) ex friend and writer is speaking out, and she says Loni DID play a part in Tamar’s exit from the show. Cookie says she actually saw an email that Loni wrote to get Tamar fired, claiming she wanted to be the only “ghetto” black girl on the show.

Of course, Loni denies these allegations. She claims she does not refer to herself or Tamar as “ghetto”… but more like they are who they are.

Tamar addressed the whole situation via a live YouTube video called #AskTamarAnything. Check it out below… and let me know who do you guys think was in the wrong??

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