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Teairra Mari’s Oral Sex Tape Is Leaked

Let’s talk about these whack ass dudes who are out here exposing women!  I think that is so low, and to be honest with you, when a women is exposed on a sex tape…  8.5 times out of 10, it is only going to make men want her even more.  No matter if it is a “good” or “bad” performance, in a man’s mind he can always show a woman new tricks.  Plus, just the fact that she is willing to give head or have sex on camera shows she is either

  1. A super freak willing to get freaky on and off camera
  2. Or she is a freak who is willing to do any & everything for that man she loves

Well our girl Teairra Marie’s (Love & Hip Hop) Instagram account was hacked.  It looks like her “EX-BOYFRIEND” leaked her nude photos oral sex video and she is not happy about it!!

Teairra has since responded to the leak, saying that somebody she liked and trusted “compromised” her social media and “posted footage of what within the second was non-public and sacred.” She ended her assertion saying that “revenge porn is against the law in California” and she or he can be “in pursuit of justice.”

People have been coming to her defense saying that she has nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about since she did a million times better than Blac Chyna, who’s oral sex tape was leaked earlier this year.  Other people have been saying that she leaked it herself for the ratings.  Well whatever the case was, it the video was leaked… and here it is!  What do you think of her performance?  (you have to click on the link below to view the video)

Click Here for Video Teairra Marie Leaked Oral Sex Video


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