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Teen Killed his ‘Racist’ Family Because They Were Against His Black Girlfriend

Its sad racism still exist in 2020. Racism has destroyed his whole family. Do you think the teen regrets his decision on dating black girls or killing his mom and brother?

A White teen is accused of killing his entire family, all because he believed they were “racist” and against him dating an African American girl.

17 year old Levi Norwood allegedly shot and killed his mother and 6-year-old brother last year, inside their Virginia home. Afterwards the teen also allegedly shot his father, who survived his injuries. 

That was until yesterday. Levi’s dad Joshua Norwood was found dead inside the family’s home. Police believe he committed suicide.

The story is a telling tale of how racism and hatred can destroy a family.

According to online reports Levi was dating a Black girl, and his parents disapproved of him dating interracially.

“Both were against his dating a black girl, but his father was “adamant” about the issue. “He didn’t want Leviathan having anything to do with her.”

Levi lived with his mom and dad in suburbs of Virginia. They were a well off family, and Levi had a 6 year old younger brother.

Levi had many arguments with his parents about his relationship, and the teen believed his parents were “racist.” Last year, Levi snapped – he grabbed the gun and killed his mom and his six year old brother.

When his dad came home, Levi was waiting and ready to murder him too. When his father opened the door, Levi allegedly shoot at his father – but the bullet only grazed his father’s head. 

As MTO reported, the dad was found dead yesterday of an apparent suicide.

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2 thoughts on “Teen Killed his ‘Racist’ Family Because They Were Against His Black Girlfriend

  1. I agree and disagree with your statement Rick. Yes that maybe true however I don’t see black people running around making trouble and making their racism known like whites. It’s like you don’t even try to hide it. On the news or in general when was the last time a “black person” ran down a white person and killed them. They are a wicked and devilsh set of people. Shame on them. Only God can help them.

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