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Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Having A Hard Time In Federal Prison ALREADY!

As I’m sure you may have already heard, Tekashi 6ix9ine (legal name Daniel Hernandez) was recently indicted in a federal case on RICO charges with the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods.  Those charges include “alleged” acts of and or involvement in murder, robbery, extortion, and distribution of controlled substances.  He is currently facing roughly 30 years to life for the charges.

The first time Tekashi appeared in court, he was denied bail, even after offering to put up the 1.7 million dollars in his bank account for bail and surrendering his passport.  The judge said he could not look past all the charges and the obvious flight risk his release could cause.  Not to mention the fact that his freedom would pose a huge threat to society, based on all the charges.

It has now been reported (and confirmed by sources from TMZ) that Tekashi 69 was attacked by a group of men and immediately taken into protective custody.  The initial source claimed to have gotten word from visiting with another inmate in the same prison.  The source also reports that Tekashi asked to be moved to a unit away from the Crips and Bloods. 

With his celebrity status, it seems pretty odd that Tekashi 69 was even in general population to begin with.  No reports have been made regarding who his attackers were, but earlier this week in court… the prosecutor told the judge that Blood gang members were looking to “seriously violate” Tekashi 69.  His condition has not been reported on, but it seems it was not that serious.

Ear Kandy Radio will keep you guys updated on the story.


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