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Telia Anderson of The Pink Door – Grow To Glow

I wanted to take a moment to honor a very special friend of mine, Telia Anderson.  I met Telia almost 5 years ago when I was just staring Ear Kandy Radio and she became my sponsor.  Not only did she become my sponsor… but she remained my sponsor.  She was (and still is) actually my longest running sponsor.  She used to be the owner of the Pink Door Nail Spa, located right here in Akron, OH.  She is still doing nails, but by appointment only and in her spare time as she has been working on her books & other projects.

Brock Sterling is back and he’s trying to cope with life after Jazz. His depression has led to a life of solitude. When he meets Farrah he begins to live life again. With everything going better he’s hit with his past problems which begin to threaten his current happiness. Farrah meets Brock and is immediately intimidated by his lifestyle. She’s unsure of her relationship with him and makes some decisions that she eventually regrets. All she wants to do is get back right with him but some challenges get in her way. His girlfriends, and a delusional friend almost get in the way of her plans for she and Brock. DENIAL & DELUSIONS will have you on the edge of your seats wondering if Brock and Farrah will get back together but most of all will it last?

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But we became friends over the years because of course, she was (and still is LOL) doing my nails.  She is the only person who has done my nails in the past four years.  Not that I don’t think anybody else is good… but I am just loyal to her & she is loyal to me.

But I am so proud of Telia and her latest project!!!  She has been doing a podcast called “Grow to Glow” and not only do I love it… but I love the person she has become.  Not that I didn’t like her before LOL!  But she just seems so much happier and she also has a lot more patience.  I know she has really been growing spiritually and that light is just shining so bright in her, through everything she does.

Please take some time out to check out her podcast on iTunes
Grow to Glow

Also be sure to follow Telia on Instagram so you can get all her updates and specials & be sure to tell her you saw her article here on Ear Kandy Radio.  

@JustTellia on Instagram

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