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Tesla driver in hands-free autopilot mode caught SLEEPING at 93mph with seat reclined

Tesla vehicles have all the perks and gadgets. The hands-free mode can cause problems on the highway. Autopilot at 93mph is dangerous, especially along with sleeping during the ride. Good thing this was reported to the cops!

A Driver and passenger have been nabbed by cops in Canada after allegedly speeding at over 140kph (90mph) while sleeping. Police said the unnamed daredevils had the front seats of their Tesla Model S reclined and were napping while the car appeared to steer itself on autopilot mode.

Tesla’s self-driving software uses artificial intelligence to steer and and brake for you but requires users to have their hands on the wheel at all times in case of emergency.

Cops in Alberta said they were tipped off to the stunt by concerned drivers who spotted that the car was cruising with both seats reclined.

“We received a complaint of a car speeding on Highway 2 near Ponoka,” the official RCMP Alberta Twitter account wrote on Thursday. “The car appeared to be self-driving, travelling over 140 km/h with both front seats completely reclined & occupants appeared to be asleep.

The official Alberta police Twitter account announced the news on Thursday

“The driver received a dangerous driving charge and summons for court.”

Police say the car sped up to 150kph (93mph) when they flicked the blue lights on. The Tesla was pulled over before the 20-year-old man who was driving was arrested for speeding. The man from British Columbia had his license suspended for 24 hours for fatigue.

The Tesla Model S is loaded with self-driving software that can steer the vehicle. However, it requires users to have their hands on the wheel at all times

He is due to appear in court in December.

“Although manufacturers of new vehicles have built-in safeguards to prevent drivers from taking advantage of the new safety systems in vehicles, those systems are just that -supplemental safety systems,” RCMP traffic services Superintendent Gary Graham said in a statement.

“They are not self-driving systems, they still come with the responsibility of driving.”

It’s not the first time a Tesla driver has landed themselves in hot water over dangerous use of the autopilot function. Last month, a Tesla driver in North Carolina smashed his vehicle into a police car after allegedly watching a movie while his car was on autopilot.

We need to use common sense and be more careful. This autopilot feature could kill people if not used properly.

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