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That’s Mrs. Gorilla Glue Girl To You – Overnight Celebrity

Women tell themselves many things to get through the tedious struggle of doing our hair. We say things like: “Beauty hurts,”  “Stay ready you won’t have to get ready” or “ The Price of Beauty. “  Ironically all can be said about newly famous social media sensation Tessica Brown, B.K.A Gorilla Glue Girl.

After posting multiple videos of how she sprayed Gorilla Glue in her hair, she became instantly famous. Some people laughed at her situation, some feel bad for her, Nevertheless her Gorilla Glue malfunction has boosted her social media account status. 

Celebrities such as Chance The Rapper have even tweeted about their concern for Tessica and hopes that she will be okay.  Her Instagram account currently has over 569k followers and she quickly received a blue check mark by her name. Gorilla Glue girl has also set up a Go Fund Me page. Her goal was to raise $1,500 and she exceeded that goal currently raking in over $8,000 with over 400 donors. If you would like to donate to her go fund me >>>> CLICK HERE.

Will Gorilla Glue Girl capitalize off her newly found fame? Will she model lace fronts? Who is going to pay her to post their healthy hair, hair grow, or follicle treatment products?  Whatever the outcome may be, Tessica has upgraded her social media accounts to verified status making her an internet celebrity.

EKR will continue to keep you updated.

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