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The Alleged Slapped Victim Of DaBaby Speaks Out

As we all know or heard, DaBaby recently slapped a female at one of his recent shows. Allegedly she was shining a bright light in his eye from her phone and it blinded him. He didn’t know if he hit a man or a woman.

After the incident occurred, DaBaby went on his Instagram story and asked if anybody had a better angle of the video to show what really happened, and he also apologized for the alleged slapping.

Well, Tyronesha Laws (the woman who was slapped) is now speaking out about the situation. She had an interview with TMZ and this is what she said.

“We went upstairs on the stairway to take a picture at the picture booth by the stage,”

“I see security saying move, move, move everyone move out the way. I was standing next to a young lady, and all of a sudden I turned around and I said to my boyfriend, ‘There go DaBaby, he’s coming through.” 

~ Tyronesha Laws

She says if wasn’t even her that was shining the light in his eye, and when she woke up… her head was hurting really bad. She went to the hospital and they told her she had a cheek contusion. Check out her video below… do you guys think she is going to try to get some money out of this?

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