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The Basement Bar – They Said “NO COLORS” … Racist or Nah?!

There is a bar located in Akron, OH called “The Basement” located at 255 E. Waterloo Rd. 44319. Well the location has really been trending on social media this morning due to a sign they have posted outside of their establishment. The sign lists a number of “dress code” standards people must adhere to or they will not be permitted to enter. One of the requirements is “NO COLORS” and that one has social media in an uproar.  Take a look for yourself.

Let’s take a closer look …

I’m not sure how to take it.  But I want to ask you if you think people are being too sensitive… could they be talking about “gang colors”?  I don’t really think rival gangs & colors are prevalent in this area, but I may be wrong.  But somebody also said they meant “motorcycle colors”.  

Over the past fees years, I have always saw posts about The Basement being racist towards people. They used to have a sign that told people if you smelled like “weed” you would not be permitted but reportedly they only targeted the black patrons & other people of color.

For some reason we continue to patronize places we are not welcome (not saying we are not welcome in The Basement).

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One thought on “The Basement Bar – They Said “NO COLORS” … Racist or Nah?!

  1. Almost every code is referring to the dress of black people altough it’s being hidden in a code of dress. I wouldn’t go where I’m not wanted I would keep my colored dollars in my pocket! These people are not as smart as they think they are lol! Facts!!

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