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The Car Tupac Was Riding In When He Was Killed Is Up For Auction

Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas is auctioning off the actual/ original car (1996 BMW 7 Series) the late, great rapper, Tupac was killed in.

Tupac was leaving the MGM in Las Vegas after a fight between Mike Tyson and Bruce Sheldon. He was riding passenger seat with Suge Knight driving.

The shooting occurred September, 7th 1996 at 11:15 p.m. Knight stopped at a red light at E. Flamingo Road and Koval Lane.  Shakur was struck by four .40 caliber rounds, two shots in the chest, one in the arm, and one in the thigh. 

According to the website selling the car,

The new owner will be provided with documentation proving ownership and history.  The car has had several owners since the shooting but the most recent put it through a full restoration.  Celebrity Cars has the vehicle on display in our showroom and is available for sale.  

Before any offers are submitted, we require a $20,000 refundable deposit to accompany any offer along with a signed confidentiality agreement.

Continue to R.I.Paradise Tupac & check out the website… would you want to own the vehicle Tupac was killed in?

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