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The Carter’s do it again!!! EVERYTHING IS LOVE

Yes they did it again… who you ask? The Carters that’s who!

While you were out grocery shopping, running errands, getting your nails done, doing normal Saturday duties or even enjoying a relaxing day in. Jay Z and Beyoncé dropped a whole album!!!


And all you did was laundry… and if that don’t make you feel one hundred percent under productive, it’s has visuals for each song too! Not just any visuals, but, I mean the two of them posing in front of iconic works of art including thee Mona Lisa!

Sooo the album is titled Everything Is Love  and it has 8 songs and the 1st track to be released is “Apeshit” and that’s what the video made me do… go absolutely APESHIT! We were able to find a couple videos but The Carters have blocked most of the videos on the internet! They are really trying to make everybody stream their music and videos on TIDAL. But here you go…

If you ask me they can’t do any wrong… The marriage ✅ The babies ✅ Their careers ✅ everything they do check check and Mutha Fuckin CHECK!

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