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The Detox Lounge 2-26-18

The Detox Lounge

Mondays 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET

We are your hosts Millieono and Dr. D. Adams.  The Detox Lounge- is a highly engaging and fully interactive radio show with multiple levels of being very playful and humorous, to deep and thought provoking. With open discussion about love, lust, relationships, work, life, merely if you have the thought we can discuss it. The Detox Lounge is not your typical radio talk show where you sit and listen to experts tell you what is right or wrong.  We believe that everyone has a point a view and it NEEDS to be heard.  So in essence YOU the audience is the show and YOU the audience are the Detox Lounge.  Every Monday @6pm on “Ear Kandy Radio” The audience will come up with provoking topics and the audience will weigh in by sharing their stories and experiences.

Tune in to The Detox Lounge and quickly discover what you have been missing, Words cannot describe, it something you have to experience. You owe it to yourself to listen to something different.

We guarantee a dynamic discussion.

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