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The DIY Perfume

Pheromones play a significant role in social interaction. We all have our favorite scents, some may like the flowery aromas of the summertime others may gravitate towards the sweet delicate spices. Although we have our special smells that that attracts us to one another. But who needs Bath & Body Works or those expensive perfumes? There’s actually a specific pheromone that just may assist women snag that perfect person or ignite the flames in your relationship.

That pheromone is none other than that luscious lady liquid of the love tunnel. There’s a term for it when used on yourself, and it’s “Vabbing” …simply vagina dabbing. “Vabbing” isn’t a new thing, but it’s trending again thanks to Tiktok. Vabbing is basically taking your lady fingers, sliding them betwixt your lady lips (try not to lick the goodness away) and dab that yum yum juice behind your ear, on your wrist or anywhere you place perfume, and you’re ready for action!!

By transferring your pheromones, you’re transferring that excitement and making people drawn to your raw human scent. Just make sure your raw scent worthy of sharing (if you catch my drift). It’s not as weird as it may seem. Vaginal fluids contain pheromones, which make you more attractive to potential partners & spouses. The discreet act of vabbing can give a woman the confidence boost that she needs to give her views of dating or sparks in the bedroom a different outlook.

It’s best to note that vabbing could be more effective when ovulating, as your body naturally creates your strongest and most organic love potion to charm your partner into mating. Vabbing hasn’t been scientifically proven but who doesn’t like the lovely aromatics of heaven’s gate? The allure here is that your body also has its own unique scent, which makes your scent and ultimately, you more enticing and unique. So why not give it a swipe? Be cautious if you have any infections in that joy box of yours, you don’t want to pass anything along, so keep it clean & safe.

If you’ve practice vabbing, we’d love to hear your stories, if you seen a difference in the love department or did it the milkshake bring too many boys to the yard. Or if you’re considering it, tell us why.

We at EarKandy promote love so if we can help you seal that deal (safely), then that’s what we’re going to do.

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