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The Dreaded Vaccination Debate

Vaccines…  It seems we can’t get away from this conversation no matter which way we turn.

Personally, I do not get vaccines and FLU shots (and I also do not make my kids get them except the ones required to attend school… things that make you same Hmmmm).  however, I am also a person who very rarely gets sick.  As a matter of fact, the last time I got sick was the first (and last) time I got the FLU shot.

I mean, I see it both ways.  Of course I want to protect my children as well as myself, but protect us by injecting us with a small dosage of the very disease they are trying to prevent sounds a bit far-fetched if I do say so myself.  My mother has been telling me all about the harmful effects of the vaccinations, and I came across this video that I thought I would share with you guys.  They really break it down to where a child can understand.

Please watch the video and let’s blog about it.

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