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The Good Vibes Only Showcase – Hosted By Kurt Ayo & Dreday

I had the opportunity to attend a super dope event yesterday (9-28-18) called the Good Vibes Only Showcase, hosted by Kurt Ayo (@ayobluntgod) & Dreday (@dreday4everbaby).  The event was held at Just A Dream Studios located at 1000 Kenmore Blvd in Akron, OH.

All I can say about this event is GreenHouse Records really did their thing!  The event definitely had a positive vibe to it.  They had different artists performing poetry, R&B, Hip Hop and they even had one person doing some type of dance moves.

The turnout for the event was nice too!  They had over 100 people come out to support the local artists.  One thing about these type of showcases are they really need and rely on the crowd participation.  There were over 20 performances & even Kurt Ayo & Dreday performed!

Here are a list of all the artists who performed

  • Ayobluntgod
  • Peoples
  • Nell J
  • KC Legend
  • Daniel the Dancer
  • Prophecy
  • Dezzie J
  • Charity
  • Briah West
  • Sharlane
  • Reality
  • Kuyahn
  • Win Din
  • Amptified
  • Mickie Babiee
  • Scizas
  • Hevacca Mecca
  • Trillnotic
  • Taiz
  • Mya J
  • J Nasty
  • Ms. Redd
  • Mr. Smith
  • Emerald

Yes, they had a star studded line-up from the city!  I truly enjoyed myself.  Take a look at some of the performances below, I was not able to post them all due to load time.  & if you are looking for somebody to host your next event, be sure to contact @ayobluntgod or @dreday4everbaby.




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