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The Grand Hustle – TI’s New Show

It seems like reality TV has really taken over!  Reality TV is not just entertaining, but it also gives you an up close and personal look into the lives of the people playing their parts on the shows.  Let’s talk about TI (King of the South) and his new show The Grand Hustle!

The Grand Hustle airs Thursdays at 10:00 PM ET on BET.  This coming Thursday will be the 5th episode of the season and I must say that I am hooked on the show.  The basis of the show is TI is looking for fresh new talent.  He found 16 entrepreneurs from different parts of the world and all from different walks of life and different backgrounds & he is giving them a chance to compete for a SIX FIGURE SALARY and an opportunity to be apart of a multi million dollar organization (Grand Hustle).  Let me introduce you to the cast.

K – DubbTI’s right hand man & long time friend who is there to give him all the inside details of the cast & help him make some tough decisions.  K-Dubb is a comedian from Memphis, TN.  He hilarious and his “one-liners” will have you on the floor cracking up throughout the series.  He has worked on BET Comicview, Def Comedy Jam & Shaq’s Allstar Comedy Jam to name a few.

Grace CMulti-talented artist (singer, songwriter, music producer, dancer, actor, business woman and personality) who has really branded herself in the entertainment industry.  On the show, she is really a sweetheart.. a kind and gentle soul.  I love her personality and disposition!!  I just hope people don’t try to take her kindness for weakness.  She has been blessed to work alongside industry powerhouses such as: T.I., Brandy, Andra Day, Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, David Banner, Todrick Hall, and Diggy Simmons to name a few. Grace-C is an international selling recording artist, songwriter and music producer. She is Owner/Founder of the acquisition Publishing company Gracious JaMmZ Music.

George George Ray III is a consultant and certified business analyst, who specializes in pre-ventures and launching start-ups and franchises, including food, clothing and professional-services companies.  He also develops sustainable growth strategies for existing businesses.  George is kind of “the asshole” of the cast (in my opinion).  He seems to be willing to do whatever he has to do to win, but that is not always a bad thing either.  In the series, he did rub some of the cast members the wrong way… but it’s business man!

Vanessa  Vanessa Blair is an Executive Personal Assistant and Event Coordinator for celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals in the entertainment industry from New York.  Her personality on the show doesn’t really reach out and grab me, so I don’t really have a huge opinion on her.  She just needs to try to shine a little more in my opinion.

KrystalBorn in Staten Island, Krystal grew up poor and on welfare but she didn’t let that define her!  She went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree and now she is just out here trying to put her name stamp on everything she touches.  I really like Krystal!! Maybe it’s because she is the underdog (& I always root for the underdog), but I really love her personality.  She seems like she is a hustler for sure, loyal, nice and down to earth… and most of all, fun & entertaining!  Like I could definitely see myself kicking it with Krystal.

Terron – Terron learned “the game” at a young age by selling sodas for a profit in his trailer park in the “Slower Lower Delaware”.  He received his MBA in Marketing from Delaware State University.  He is a data collector who learned to study his surroundings for his advantage.  In the series, his character is pretty cool.  He seems like he is a team player and he is willing to do whatever needs to be done to get the job accomplished.

Christopher – Christopher believes he defines being book smart and even his skype name is “Mr. Book Smart.” He backs it up with a Bachelor’s degree, four Master’s degrees and an MBA. He played college basketball at Arizona State University and played for the Clippers for three months before his basketball career ended due to injuries.  As for his role on the show, I haven’t really connected with him yet.  He seems to be “as a matter of fact” kind of person.  Not really a know it all, but he definitely knows a lot.

Nykyta – Nykyta is relentless when it comes to getting the job done and nothing can come in the way of her success. She always finds a way to meet her end goals, even when her plan A does not go according to plan.  Unfortunately for her, she was deleted…

Jonathan – Jonathan grew up in Queens, NY, and to say that his childhood was underprivileged would be an understatement. Despite the hardships he faced, Jonathan graduated at the top of his class and received a scholarship to Penn State. Unfortunately, he discovered the partying scene and his GPA plummeted to a 1.3 which led to him dropping out of school.  I actually like Jonathan because you can really tell he is hungry and he is going to go after the prize!!!

Jillian – Jillian Miller, often referred to as “That Girl”, is a social media influencer and aspiring web entrepreneur. She has produced a blog known as “thatgirlwhowearsyourclothes” (TGWWYC) a web-based platform for interviewing and exposing hot new urban fashion designers and trends. She is also an author.  As for her role on the show, she is not one of my favorites!  She is very beautiful but I think she could have so much going for her if she was more of a team player!  She came on the show and said that it is basically “all about her” and her actions have backed that up.  I really hope she can come around as a better team player.

Troy – Following in his NFL Father’s footsteps, Troy was a scholarship athlete playing football and running track at the University of Michigan. He was signed by the Dallas Cowboys, however suffered a career ending injury, which forced Troy had to hangup the cleats and start hitting the books. His injury made him refocus and concentrate on getting a degree.  Troy’s season ended early because he has a fiance who actually went into labor and he made the decision to go home and be with her… and he had TI’s blessings as well.  We all know TI is all about family, but TI also said that he would have been cut that episode either way.

Jo’Vonne – Jo’Vonne “JAVI RENEE” Collier is the owner & CEO of a vibrant and eye catching Glitter cosmetics line “POPPIN BY JAVI RENEE COSMETICS”.  With over 15 years of experience, Javi is an industry recognized Lipwear Creator, artist, custom apparel designer and known for creating cutting edge products, art & apparel.  Javi just might be one of my favorite cast members!!!  She is just so real and down to earth and you can tell she really keeps it real!  I gotta reach out to her because her lipgloss is definitely POPPING!

Ivan – Ivan moved around growing up, until his dad decided he wanted to be a mailman and they settled down in Mobile, AL. Ivan attempted going to college, but after three months, he knew school wasn’t for him.  After going to a concert with blinged out sneakers, people kept asking him about them, so he made a business out of it.  Ivan seemed to be very extra on the show and I think it kind of got in the way of him shining.  It was too much drama and not enough hustling and he ended up getting cut off the show & he definitely made a dramatic exit.

CierraTV and Radio personality and born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Cierra, also known as, Blanca Gabbana is the chief executive officer and founder of the DMV based visual digital media outlet, Deep Cover TV. This outlet creates a mutual platform for both celebrities and rising stars to tell their stories through entertainment, fashion, politics and world trending topics.  Cierra is such a sweetheart of the show, but you can also tell she doesn’t take any mess!  She is the true definition of a hustler.

Brandon – Brandon, a Detroit native, has stayed true to these virtues by earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Howard University and a Masters of Science in Global Affairs from Rutgers University. Brandon began his career as an Associate with the National Urban League’s Economic Opportunity Institute, fighting for the rights of low income families and literacy.

Akeyla – Raised by a single mom in Arlington Va., Akeyla was the youngest of 3 kids. Her mother was a great example, always working very hard to provide for her children. Akeyla is a single mom and runs her own marketing company where she plans and executes marketing events for start-ups, small businesses and online brands.  She was also cut from the show after making a decision NOT to get the money.

Yonathan – Born and raised in Inglewood, Yonathan always knew he wanted more than the street life. He got his Bachelor’s degree from Cal State, San Bernardino and his Master’s in Mass Communications from Howard University. His mother came from Ethiopia and father from Nigeria, making him the first generation in the United States.  I really like Yonathan on the show and I can truly see him winning this thing.  I think he has the “it” factor and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Now take a look at the 1st episode with TI and the rest of his cast on The Grand Hustle.  Comment below & tell me what you think of the show and the cast… and STAY TUNED!!!  You just may be hearing some interviews coming from the members of the cast.

Click Here to Watch the 1st episode of The Grand Hustle

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