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The Hair Doctor

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Dr. Michael Obeng. Dr. Obeng is the plastic surgeon credited for removing the Gorilla Glue out of Tessica Brown A.K.A Gorilla Glue Girl’s hair. 

Dr. Obeng was born in Ghana in 1973. When he was 20 years old he moved to American with $200 dollars and a goal.  He has studied at Harvard Medical School and University of Texas Medical Branch Midwestern University. 

Dr. Obeng currently practices at  Cedar Sinai Medical Center located in Beverly Hills, Ca.  Don’t get to excited ladies, He’s married and in 2017 was featured in the E! Reality shows “Second Wives Club.” The handsome surgeon currently has a net worth of 8 million dollars but after helping Ms. Gorilla Glue girl” and creating a new glue removal solution, We here at EKR are more than sure his net worth  going to skyrocket even more.   

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