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The “Heartbeat” Abortion Bill Signed in Ohio

A bill was just passed today by the governor of Ohio (Republican Gov. Mike DeWine), which is one of the most strict laws that has ever been passed for abortions. This is lawmakers attempt to overturn Roe VS. Wade. This bill was rejected two times by the previous Governor.

The law will outlaw abortions in the state of Ohio once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Now let me elaborate to paint a better picture for you… A fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as 5-6 weeks vaginally. Most women don’t find out they are even pregnant until around 6-8 weeks. The bill is not allowing for many (if any exceptions) to the rule… not even rape or incest.

There are some states who have legalized abortion up until the 9th month of pregnancy. Ohio is drawing a line and has the interest of the unborn child at heart. State Representative, Candice Keller, called this new legislation “the most compassionate bill we’ve ever passed.” Opposing lawmakers fear the new bill/law is too oppressive and will make young people not want to live here.

This new law will also cut a lot of the funding for Planned Parenthood. The doctors/nurses working there will not even be able to suggest options of abortion, tell them where they can get abortion services or any of that! They can still help with the other services they provide, but once abortion is mentioned, they risk getting their funding cut completely.

How do you feel about the new heartbeat bill being passed? Will it be good or bad for society?

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