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The OHIO ENT. AWARDS 2018 Makes it to the Big Screen!!!

Andrew Lloyd and Dreday Williams teamed up to create history this past October when they put the 2018 Ohio Entertainment Awards together.   Lisette Elena and Crisis Banks hosted the spectacular event for more than 1,000 people and kept the crowd entertained throughout the night.  Jennifer Rodriguez and yours truly,  Ear Kandy Radio took care of the Red Carpet interviews.

This process leading up to the awards was grueling.  There were 40 different categories, honoring 200+ people from the state of Ohio for their talents in the entertainment industry.    It really was an honor to not only be honored for two separate categories, but also winning the category for the Best Independent Radio show in Ohio!  It made me take a step back and realize that it’s much bigger than just the city of Akron or Cleveland.

And even more importantly, it shows us exactly what can happen when we come together and join forces.  The Ohio Entertainment Awards is the first Ohio Award show platform to be televised on Amazon Prime.  London Arrington, Mookie Motonio, Ampichino, Flames Oh God & Strictly Street Musik and Ricki Rich shine during one of the biggest celebrations of independent hip-hop and film in the mid-west of the United States.  In this recap of some of the highlights from the night. you can see the excitement and importance that this event provides for artists in northeast Ohio.

(It can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video)

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