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The One & Only Bad Gal RiRi

So… Ear Kandy Radio’s #Down&DirtyAfterDark LOVES Rihanna!!!  

I love her free spirit!!!  I love how she really doesn’t give a DAMN about what anybody else thinks or has to stay.  I hope you are all following her on IG @badgalriri , she takes some really HOTT pics, and she definitely keeps her fan & followers entertained.  Now these pics came from another source on IG @rihannanews (makes sure you guys go follow them)…  But look at these pics!!!!

Somebody commented under one of the pics and said she was posing BOTTOMLESS for a French magazine.  I am not sure how true that it… but she is bottomless for sure.  And check out her white & green classic Adidas….  It actually looks like she has on panties, but that is her tan line lol.  But blog with me and tell me how you guys like these pics???  

ALSO…  What’s up with Rihanna and Drake???  They have been spending a whole lot of time together & the way they look at each other…  So dreamy!!!  LOL…  Do you guys think they make a cute couple or NAH???  Blog with me!


rihanna 1


rihanna 2


Rihanna Drake


rihanna bad girl


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