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The Only State Where COVID Cases Aren’t Dropping

Glad to hear cases are dropping but Beware North Carolina. North Carolina is the only state where Covid-19 cases seem to keep rising. Be Safe and make sure to follow the CDC guidelines. Do you think the shortage of vaccines could be the reason for the spike in cases?

After reaching a pandemic-high rate of over 300,000 new daily reported cases earlier in the month, the second half of January appears to have brought a small bit of good news for the pandemic as national numbers continue to drop in the U.S. This is especially good news as vaccines continue to roll out across the country, which experts believe will eventually help bring numbers down even further. But there is still one state whose reported COVID cases aren’t dropping in line with the rest of the U.S.: North Carolina. Read on to see why this state is lagging behind.

According to data from the COVID Tracking Project, the national decline in cases is being felt in 46 states and Washington, D.C. where the seven-day average has decreased significantly as of Jan. 25. The five remaining states currently listed as “staying the same” have seen single-digit drops in their reported cases, however, with North Carolina standing out as the only to have witnessed an increase in their weekly average of seven percent from 6,502 to 6,973.

Unfortunately, data also suggests that the state is struggling to get numbers trending downward. Even though the current bump does represent a decrease from its record high of 83.4 new daily cases per 100,000 people on Jan. 8, it still remains in the “critical” level of 61.7 new daily cases per capita as of Jan. 24, while also currently holding a “high” positive test rate of 11 percent according to CovidActNow.

The news also comes as North Carolina faces a shortage of vaccines statewide, with thousands of set immunization appointments recently canceled due to lack of supplies. “As long as we are getting such a small amount of vaccine as a state, there are going to be challenges and shortages as we try to ensure equitable access to vaccine, while getting shots into arms quickly,” Mandy Cohen, MD, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, said in a news release.

But while North Carolina may be the only state to currently see an overall increase in cases, it’s not alone in not seeing a great improvement in fighting the pandemic. 

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