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The Only State Where COVID Isn’t Surging

The new year has brought little in the way of good news about the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. With numbers surging from coast-to-coast.

Hawaii. As a long-running relative success-story of the pandemic, the Aloha State has managed to keep cases in check while the rest of the contiguous United States struggles with the darkest days of the pandemic yet. As of Jan. 11, Hawaii boasts a national low of 12.9 daily new COVID cases per 100,000 people, making it the only state not to be designated as experiencing an “active or imminent outbreak ” or “severe outbreak” by Covid Act Now.

The island chain isn’t just seeing recent success, either: it ranks second in the nation for the fewest reported COVID cases per 100,000 people overall–after Vermont—with only 1,657, according to The New York Times. It’s also experienced the second-fewest deaths with 22 per 100,000 people, behind only Alaska.

After a slight spike over the summer, Hawaii officials reintroduced restrictions on public gatherings across the islands, as well as instituting tight testing and quarantine requirements for anyone arriving from the mainland.

But health officials aren’t taking their success lightly; a small recent surge has forced Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green to candidly call for Hawaiians to avoid social gatherings, as they build large vaccination centers statewide.

Unfortunately, other states haven’t been quite as effective at combating the pandemic as of late. Read on to see which states are currently suffering the most, according to Covid Act Now, as of Jan. 11. And for more advice from the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, check out Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Stern Warning About the U.K. COVID Strain.

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 93.5


tulsa oklahoma

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 98.5


Nashville Tennessee Skyline

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 99.9


city skyline of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah at dusk

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 100.4


little rock arkansas skyline

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 102.3


The skyline of Los Angeles, California at sunset.

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 106.9


cityscape photo of Phoenix, Arizona at night

Daily new cases per 100,000 people: 122.0

Rhode Island

city skyline of and river in Providence, Rhode Island at sunset

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