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The Top 5 Worst Things That You Can Do to Your Friend

There was a topic brought up this weekend that interested me from our earkandyradio host “What’s the worst thing you can do to your friend?” and also one of our other wonder radio hosts, Char, brought this up as one of her topics in her past show this past Tuesday! You can listen here: http://earkandyradio.com/lets-talk-char-8-29-17/  I am pretty sure we have all had some unhealthy friendships in the past. I know for some, they were actually lucky to come across the right group of friends that they were able to grow old with! Here are my top 5 worst things that you could do to a friend. Feel free to comment your opinion or even list additional things that i might have missed:

  1. Stealing: Now I’ve never had this issue with a friend stealing from me. BUT i will make this the #1 thing only because it can leave huge grief of the loss and not only feeling betrayed by your friend but violated… and i’m not talking about a missing dress or makeup.. or a missing hat or socks that you know you’re going to later wound up getting back. Imagine this, you trust your friend so much to the point where you give your friend your debit card to borrow some money with the PIN. To later find out, he/she has been sneaking taking out more money than you granted them. Or maybe you openly inviting your friend to your house even when you are not at home. They can just come into your house whenever to later come across missing valuables.  How would that make you feel?
  2. Talking about you to your enemy: Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no issue whatsoever about you speaking to whoever you want, I have no control over that! Especially if your friend and that enemy was cool in the past. But, it is a HUGE no no to speak of me especially to someone that YOU KNOW I have bad blood with! I had a “friend” who thought that it was cool to walk up to and just out the blue started telling her all of my business after we fell out. So basically, we aren’t cool anymore and you just go and run to my enemy trying to make new friends throwing dirt on my name?? YOU my dear get NO cool points!!!
  3. Sleeping with your significant other or someone who you had relations with in the past: Now you know this was going to be in the top 3! Sleeping with someone that you know your friend had in their past or even right now is a definite no! but my thing is why would you even want to even had what your friend even had before or is getting a taste of right now? GROSS!
  4. Not supporting your friend: Okay, so this can take place in not only in a personal aspect, but a professional one too. The one that really catches my attention the most is the business aspect. I will give an example: You are trying to expand your business. You have EXCELLENT talent. For example, you might do hair or nails or graphics! You might sell food or have a promotional business full of advertisements and your “friend” wants your business BUT is always looking for a discount then gets upset or offended because you are telling them straight up that they need to pay full price too…. HOW DOES THAT READ?? you absolutely CANNOT say that you support your friend if paying full price is a issue, but if it was someone else you would not have a problem paying! Titles should not interfere with any sort of business especially if you claim that you want to see your friend winning!
  5. Lying to your friend: Lying fits into that loss of trust standpoint. I know for me sometimes I feel a sense of betrayal as well. What exactly do you do when you find out that your friend has been lying to you though?? I know for me, I set communication boundaries. There is certain things that I wont share with that specific other. In most cases, I will also confront that person in a calm approach to see why exactly did you lie to me in the first place. Did I provoke you to lie to me? Not saying that lying is an excuse in any friendship, but I know for me, my approach can be very blunt and aggressive, which tends to prevent others from coming to me at times. I feel after that point however, that leads to me deciding on if the friendship is even worth continuing. It really depends on the severity of the lie honestly! I feel if it was a petty lie, and I actually get my reason as to why you lied to me to begin with then okay we can work this out. BUT, not to the point where I am literally catching you in lie after lie, you lying about little things like that, then all I am going to do is question what else did you lie to me about, which leads to me discontinuing my relationship with you.
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