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There is Beauty in Being The Black Sheep

Let’s talk love will have a special guest on the show this Sunday. Ms. Arielle McKinney the creator of Black Sheep Beauty will talk about her organization, discussing the benefits of being a black sheep and how to overcome by turning your pain into power. I was able to do a brief over the phone interview with Arielle to talk about her organization. Below is her response to a couple of my questions. Be sure to tune in, as we will be live and direct. Call in 646-787-8528 or tune in on the web. We encourage callers to call in and voice their opinions during our talk yo talk session. so feel free.

  1. What is Black Sheep Beauty?  In the bible God calls us peculiar people. Which means odd, or different. A Black Sheep is Gods chosen one, because your different. Arielle states she wanted to be different and make Black Sheep something more positive than negative. Black Sheep Beauty is creative with their Fashion, poetry (spoken words) and Flourish with me Fridays- where Arielle goes live on Face Book and talk about different topics from mental health to relationships, or whatever topic comes about.
  2. What made you start the organization? Arielle states she went to an “I prevail” woman church conference in September 2017. She performed one of her poems. In her poem she stated “I am Black Sheep Beauty Never meant to conform to the world.” After her performance she was told by other people at the conference to start a business and name it Black Sheep Beauty. Black Sheep Beauty Began October 1, 2017. And the rest is history.
  3. What is your goal for Black Sheep Beauty: “For people to realize who they are in Christ, and that they are worthy. To empower people to walk in the kingdom and build for the next generation.”
  4. I notice you sell Black Sheep Beauty shirts, do you sell any other products? “Yes we make and T-Shirts and Denim caps. I will be expanding to more collective items this fall so stay tune.”
  5. What does it mean to be a “Black Sheep to you: “Walking to the beat of your own dopeness”!!!!

The black sheep of the family, is someone who is looked at as a disgrace to the family. This stigma comes about because that person doesn’t have the same values or beliefs as the rest of the family. They stand out differently from everyone else, so the black sheep is more likely to be frowned upon. Another name for black sheep is a scape goat, this is a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

Being the black sheep or scape goat doesn’t always have to be from a family dynamic but could be seen from any group. The work place, school etc. A Black Sheep/Scape Goat is a person singled out from the rest of the group and blamed for why things aren’t working. A crazy yet open example of a group being considered a scape goat is; During the end of slavery, racist slave owners would lash out and beat the slaves because of the low income from the cotton trade. Because the slave owners weren’t making a lot of money, they blamed the slaves even though the slaves had nothing to do with the decrease in cotton trading.

How to break free from scapegoating:

  • Set proper boundaries and be assertive about what it is you will allow yourself to deal with. Be clear and cut.
  • The feelings you may get from being a scapegoat may cause you to feel guilt, or shame and you need to be willing to let that go. Don’t blame anyone else just let go of the feelings by realizing who you are.
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others. Remember who you are and find your purpose in the world and be great at it.
  • Create a self love space in your home whether it be an extra room or a space throughout your house and decorate the area with positive affirmations, aromatherapy candles, essential oils or anything that helps create peace for you.
  • Look for validation on the inside of you. No one is born a bad person we all come here pure and through life’s lovely experiences some traumatic events may cause a negative impact in our lives but that does not mean we have to succumb to it.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts, if you believe in the things people say than you will act in that way. If you don’t believe what others say about you, their words, and opinions won’t bother you or distract you from being better.
  • Use affirmations first thing in the morning to help you believe you are more than other peoples opinions.
  • Develop a Self Care day or ritual that helps you stay positive
  • Get creative and find things that you like and love and work on them. Distract yourself from the negative opinions of others.
  • Surround yourself around people who value you and don’t judge you.

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are stronger in the broken places” – Ernest Hemingway

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