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They gone think I won a Grammy

This year 61st annual Grammy Awards was tonight! Many “A” list celebrities were in attendance. The Grammy’s to me is when all musical artists come together. Country artists, Rap artists, Pop Stars, R & B and so many more come to pay their respect to everyone no matter what type of music they make.

Every one in attendance wasn’t all artists, you have move producers, big label companys, business owners, CEOs! If you name holds weight in the industry you where there unless you know people who can get you in lol.

Of course many parties and events led up to the Grammys and one of my favorites was the Roc Nation Breakfast. Any big name celebrity was in attendance, sipping wine, drinking big bottles, talking money moves and new goals. A room full of people encouraging one another to be great. At least that’s what I believe the conversation would be.

I mean I wasn’t invited this year but next year I’m there. Getting the exclusive! Our girl Cardi B cane through with a beautiful dress and WON best Rap Album of the year! For Invasion of Privacy. Cardi B is the 8th female rapper to win this award! Congrats boo.

Other winners tonight include Donald Glover with song of the year This is America! Which in the beginning wasn’t my favorite song until I saw the visual of it and understood his message. Look it up on YouTube but he speak on the way black men are treated in a America & shed light on a lot of overlooked unjustified acts happening right here in our country. The award was well deserved.

Drake’s handsome ass won Best Rap Song for Gods plan! Which is one of my favorites. When I started my show I’d play it before each show. Love the song and it’s message. The visual for the video was amazing and Drake did the unthinkable. Spending all of the money for the video to help people less fortunate. He paid for every one in the store food, gave out scholarships and so much more. He’s definitely a blessing and wonderful person for that.

A real leader! He’s in the position to better others life and uplift them to higher levels in life and he does it! Such acts of greatness never goes unnoticed! God will forever bless a person like that.

Ella Mai took home Best R&B song for Boo’d up. Which is a favorite for everyone. Ella Mai brings back nature beauty. It doesn’t take much for her to be beautiful. In this industry where everyone is getting a new face & body! This speaks volumes for everyone dealing with insecurities. You don’t have to have a face full of makeup, fake body & fake hair to be beautiful! Yes those things do enhance your beauty but is not required for a person to be beautiful! Big ups to her and many blessings.

Welp I know my blogs a little long but check out pictures from the Grammys below! Performance pictures from Cardi B and the Beautiful JLo. 1st lady Michelle Obama was there giving out wonderful advice and vibes.

Miley Cyrus and Dolly P took the stage! The inspirational Lady Ga Ga came and shell shocked Cardi Be! Cardi b’s idol is lady Ga Ga which explains the extraordinary outfits!

Thanks to all the stars and media outlets who posted pictures! This article wouldn’t have these wonderful images without you. Lol one day I’ll be there hosting and doing interviews then I won’t have to “steal” pictures but I appreciate it and big Congratulations to everyone who won and all runners up. Every one looked great I loved the different styles!

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