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This is Amerikkk! Four representatives opposed to make Lynching a federal hate crime!

This is Amerikkk! The Federal Court was set to pass a law making Lynching ( the hanging of Africa (black & brown) Americans a HATE crime. We all understand where lynching came from and understand why it should be hate crime.

Unfortunately some people see no wrong in tying people up by their necks with a thick harsh rope & hanging them from a tree as being an inhumane act of hate. Oftentimes people wonder if the roles were switched and white people where being hung would their thoughts on the topic change.

Historic white people would get together and have a picnic aka “pick a nigger” and hang them! ( photo above) I hate using such harsh terminology, but it’s the truth! If we as people don’t stand for something we’ll fall for whatever! Check out the full report by clicking the link….

Racism is Real and still alive in 2020 unfortunately!


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