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Thug Cop Punches Teen Multiple Times

Lansing, MI – The incident took place on June 14, 2019, involving two police officers and a 16 year old black teenager. The video footage shows the police trying to get the teenage girl in the car, an punching her in her leg multiple times, then closing her foot in the door of the police vehicle.

Take a look at the video below

Since the incident was caught on tape, both police officers (Lindsey Howley, 1 yr with the department and Bailey Ueberroth, 6 months with the department) have been placed on administrative leave. The Lansing Police Department says the investigation will be conducted by the Internal Affairs. If the allegations are found to be true, they can receive penalties ranging from a counseling statement up to termination.

What do you guys think should happen to these police officers?? Why does it seems like the police officers are always above the law?? Even if the teenage girl was “resisting”… do you guys think they handled this situation correctly? Let’s talk about it!

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