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Thugged Out White Girls Rap All The Lyrics To Boosie

Okay little young ladies… we see you! All thugged out, and knowing all the words to Boosie BadAzz, I’m not mad at it. I thought the video was actually pretty cute… but I did notice they repeated the dreaded “N” word. They can be heard saying the “N” word a few times throughout this video, and a lot of the people in the comments were mad about them saying it and not bleeping the word out.

How do you guys feel about white people saying the word “Nigga”… not “Nigger?” Is there a difference in your eyes? Should we (as black people) stop using the word ourselves and putting it in rap songs if we expect them not to use the word? Should we be the ones to set the example? Why is it okay for black people to say it and not okay for white people? Let’s talk about it…

But 1st, check out this video and comment your thoughts below.

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3 thoughts on “Thugged Out White Girls Rap All The Lyrics To Boosie

  1. I think it was done in good taste . not to hurt anyone . I liked it . but I we gonna complain then we should set the example an not use it first.love comes in all colors . let’s enjoy life , make peace.

  2. It’s 2020 let’s not make it about race cause all they doing is singing a song. I’m black and I find nothing wrong with it they making him rich I’m sure it’s more white peoples in his concert than black and that’s a fact. I don’t have not one lil boosie song on my playlist and I don’t know but maybe one of his songs and this is not one of them.

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